09 April
“Gastro Mahalla” project in Bukhara
Guli xanim

Promotion of the Gastro Mahalla project launched by the Gastronomy Tourism Association of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Research Institute “Mahalla and Family” under the Ministry for Support of Mahalla and Family continues. On March 3-4, the coordinators met with women living in the mahallas of Kokaldosh, Khoja Bulgor, Mirzo Fayoz, Gau Kushan, Mavlono Sharif, Mir Dostim and Kukhna in Bukhara.

The project aroused great interest in Bukhara since the tourism potential of the city is already high and the people have a good understanding of tourism industry. During the event the goals of the project were introduced, the participants expressed their proposals and both sides exchanged views.

On the second day of the seminar, a list of women wishing to participate in the project was formed. The coordinators visited the house of one of them and got acquainted with the conditions in the house. Participants were trained on how to meet tourists, communicate with them and what to pay special attention to. The necessary recommendations were given to the owner of the house and the rest of the participating women on the example of this house.

After that, the hostess Inobat Sharipova treated the guests with one of the dishes called “Lobli Kayish”, which she wanted to cook for tourists visiting the “Gastro Mahalla” and demonstrated the traditions of Uzbek hospitality and its peculiarities in Bukhara.

In the next phase of the project, detailed information about the participating houses and their menus will be placed in the database of the web site and the mobile app.

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