09 April
Promotion of the project “Gastro Mahalla” continues
Guli xanim

Promotion of the Gastro Mahalla project launched by the Gastronomy Tourism Association of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Research Institute “Mahalla and Family” under the Ministry for Support of Mahalla and Family continues.

On February 25, a group of specialists met with unemployed women in need of social protection living in the mahallas Otchopar, Shahristan and Bozsuv in Yunusabad district. Initially, a questionnaire was handed out to the participants and written information was received about whether they knew anything about gastronomy tourism and gastronomic mahalla.

Based on the results of the questionnaire, the participants were given detailed information about the project, its goals and objectives. A list of women willing to participate in the project has been formed and a date has been set for the next meeting with them.

Activities to promote the project are ongoing. The next meeting will be held in Bukhara.

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