06 April
Uzbek breakfast – a new gastronomic brand
Guli xanim

The nature of Uzbekistan is generous and rich. The hospitable Uzbek dastarkhan is the proof of these words. As it is said, you are welcome to whatever we have. Our wealth is ripe fruits and vegetables, delicious homemade cakes, hot tandoor cakes, crispy and samsa that melts in your mouth, an abundance of dairy products, and much more.

Breakfast in Uzbek is nonushta. From ancient times, Uzbeks served fresh flatbread and cream (kaimak in Uzbek) to the dastarkhan in the early morning. Hot flatbread from tandoor with fresh cream, hot tea with honey or refined sugar, fruits or dried fruits are the basis of a morning meal in any Uzbek family.

Source: uzbekistan.travel.uz 

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