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Tandoor lamb" is prepared for the most special guests in Kashkadarya region and served as a delicious meal on holidays.

Tandoor lamb is one of the most popular dishes of Kashkadarya region. Different  legends are spread among the local population about the history of this meal. One of them says: "In the past, one day in the hills, the lightning fluttered the hill forest and all the animals were burned. The water passing through that mountain was salty. Therefore, the amount of salt in the meat of the animals that drank from that water was sufficient. The population of mountain tried from burned animals and liked the taste of them. Then shepherds of that mountain used to dig the hole and cook the lamb in that technology from their herds. They used mountain cumin to taste more. It became a habit and a popular favorite food of the locals. Surprisingly, the taste of tandoor made from other regions of Uzbekistan has not been able to repeat the taste of Kashkadarya tandoor meat. Therefore, the meat is cooked only in Kashkadarya region, and people who want to taste it, of course, come to Kashkadarya."

Why “Tandoor lamb” is cooked in Kashkadarya? We know that Kashkadarya is one of the main places of livestock-breeding farms. Kashkadarya sheep eat more than 100 sorts of grass and weeds from early morning till night; they drink water from rivers and springs. In addition, Kashkadarya has a great deal of importance in the preparation of tandoor lamb. Chefs use only cumin of mountain and mountain fir trees and no other spices, modern sauce and mayonnaise are used. Taste of tandoor lamb, made in other regions, is never as delicious as the Kashkadarya tandoor!

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