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The climate in Tashkent city and Tashkent region is continental. Winter in this area is humid and warm, and summer is long, hot and arid. Therefore, they often eat naryn as a nutritious and high calorie dish and drink black tea. This dish was widespread among pastoralists. Naryn is considered an ancient dish of Turkic peoples and has many variants of names. So, the Kyrgyz call it “Naaryn”, Uzbeks - "Naryn", Uighurs - “Nerin”. Kazakhs have a proverb - “Let Kyrgyz crumble Naryn”, which indicates its wide distribution among Kyrgyz. The Uighurs also glorify naryn in proverbs - “If the flour from Beshkaram, the salt from Avat, the girl from Artush, how good tastes naryn.” Kazakhs also cook this dish. But it is somewhat reminiscent of beshbarmak. Uzbek naryn differs significantly.

Naryn is considered one of the best dishes of the Uzbek national cuisine, and has a complicated cooking technique. This dish is prepared mainly in cold seasons. Initially, this dish consists of only beef or horse meat, and only later they used to mix it with dough. This dish is served by mixing finely julienned dough with thinly chopped meat. So that the dough juliennes do not stick, they are greased with vegetable oil. As a rule, it is prepared for major celebrations. If the meat is mixed with dough, then this naryn is called “dry naryn”. This type of dish is common in Tashkent. Dry naryn is laid out on plates, thickly sprinkled with cumin and black pepper, finely sliced onion and 1-2 slices of kazi are put on the side and served cold. Naryn can be served with hot broth, meat of which is cooked and topped with fresh onions (naryn broth).


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