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It is not an exaggeration that Uzbek samsa is popular for the whole world. Especially, foreign people enjoy eating mutton and mutton fat samsa. Samsa is one of the delicious Uzbek pastry. In Uzbek traditional cuisine, it is cooked in round, sometimes square and triangle shape. The wheat flour is used for cooking samsa. Mostly, it is eaten with the sauce of tomato and vinegar, as well as, Jizzakh samsas are eaten with sunflower oil. This meal is based on traditional preparation method of the Asians. Before baking samsa, tandoor is sprayed with salty water. According to its ingredients, there are many types of samsas such as parmuda samsa, beef samsa, greens samsa, pumpkin samsa, potato samsa and etc. Jizzakh samsa is a signiture dish and a favorite meal of the Jizzakh people. Jizzakh’s people know well how popular their traditional meal through comments given for its appearance and taste. Jizzakh samsa, also called "Kipchak samsa", is one of the best dishes in Uzbek cuisine. We have a phrase “Go to Kipchak”, which means go to eat Jizzakh samsa.

Because spring is a season that requires more power and this meal helps to collect enough energy with its calorie. Although it is full of fat, we are accustomed to eating it with sunflower oil, say Jizzakh people.

Moreover, well–known food–blogger Marc Wins tweets about how delicious Jizzakh samsas are in his videos about Uzbekistan. Jizzakh region consists of mountains, uplands and plains. Climate is continental. In mountains, climate is a little softer than deserts. That’s why, Jizzakh samsas are eaten to get enough power when early spring comes. Most people wonder about the secrets of this meal. I can say from my expirience  on the meal that the secret of samsa is cooking it in Jizzakh's tandoor and its air, as well as, using the regional vegetables. These  factors make samsa yummy and incredible. Vladimir Turgenev, the ambassador of the Russia Federation, expressed warm and pleasant opinions about Jizzakh samsa in one of  his interviews.


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