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Tukhumbarak in the Khorezm dialect sounds like “yumurtka barak” and is considered the most exquisite dish in the territory of Khorezm and Karakalpakstan. Barak in Arabic means “dumplings”. “Tuk-tuk” grandmother knocks, grandmother shapes a hunk-dumpling - Khorezmians' favorite jest. A variation of tukhumbarak  “snowdrop” is similar in shape to the Turkic dish “Cheburek”.

Khorezm region has a sharp continental climate, the diff a between the maximum and minimum temperature is 78°С. The territory of the region is covered with sands, the air temperature in summer reaches +43°С - +45°С, and in winter it drops to - 30°С - 33°С. Khorezm region is characterized by dry air, a small amount of rain and a sharp changes in the weather during the day. Despite this, the inhabitants of Khorezm are physically fit and strong people. The reason is nutritious foods like "tukhum barak." Most of the population in this area has low blood pressure, and these dishes can keep the pressure in the norm. However, in other regions this food is consumed rarely. If you eat this dish controlling your health, then it is very useful and nutritious. “Tukhum barak” is considered as a brand of Khorezm.



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